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I believe this was one of the most talked about, anticipated books of the year. Ever since Beth came out with ATU, the fans have been hungry for more, myself included.
I'm not big on sci/fi, but this series really sucked me in, which is hard to do for a genre like this.
I was surprised at how much I liked the first book and by the end I could not wait until book 2.
The book isn't even out in Australia yet, so I decided to get myself a copy for my kindle. I decided I had enough waiting and it was time to check out the book everyone was talking about.

A Million Suns picks up about 2 months after the end of ATU. Elder is the leader of the ship as he tries to discover and be the leader he is meant to be, but finds that things are easy said than done in this case.
He is trying his best, but it doesn't always come across that way. There are angry people and who start to rebel against him.

When Amy starts to receive clues left by Orion, she starts to wonder if there is something going on that nobody knows about.

I think I hated him less in this book, as we got to understand the reasons for what he did. It was an interesting plot within the story, and I was wondering what it was leading to. When it got discovered... that he knew something so jawdropping.. I didn't know how to react. But I came to understand him a little better.

I might like Amy and Elder's sweet relationship, but my favourite relationship in this series, is.. well we haven't seen much of it, but is her relationship with her parents. The fact that Amy went with them on the ship because she didn't want to be apart from them tore at my heart strings. I can't wait to see them wake up so she can talk to them and be with them again.

I look forward to the final book in the series in 2013.. It can't come quick enough for me.