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Dare You To  - Katie McGarry This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

I said this during my review for Pushing the Limits -- but YA Contemporary has never been my favourite thing, and I am very picky at which books in this category I choose to read. After the first book in this series I knew I had to follow through and read the next one, and boy was I glad I did.
At first I was a little weary about the book being Beth's as I was never a big fan of her in Noah's book, but she did prove me wrong, and showed me she was capable of more than I assumed at first.
Katie McGarry just knows how to hook you in, not only with the story but also with the characters and mystery which these characters seem to have attached to them.

Our two main characters, Beth and Ryan couldn't be more different from one another if they tried. Ryan is the sort of boy who has dreams and thinks he knows what he wants in life, or at least, what his family wants from him. He is the golden boy. With Beth though, she is the opposite of that. She takes life by as each day comes. She has had a rough life and is still going through the rough patches. When these two meet though --- it's like you just know they are just meant to be. It won't be easy, but the things they bring out in one another just make everything else worth it.

Beth and Ryan find themselves playing a game of cat and mouse after Ryan's friends get him involved in a dare. As he gets to know her... will he have to decide whether the game is over, or has it just began?
Our lead characters each have their own demons that lurk in their personal lives, but the cure to make everything disappear just may be in each other's arms.

That's not the only relationship that changes in this book. Beth's relationship / friendship with her closest friend, Isaiah splits down the middle when he basically makes his feelings for her known, and she has to decide how to feels, and try not to hurt him in the process.
Some of their conversations just broke me heart. Just seeing him so hurt.. after being in love with her for so long... I just wanted to hug him, and tell him he will find the girl for him.

I admit, at first.. I was a bit disappointed that this story was not going to be Beth and Isaiah, because I adored them and how it was obvious he really liked her, but after reading the book, I know now that Ryan is the best person for her. And now, Isaiah will just have to find that person who is the one for him.

This was a absolute stunning book,. but I should not have expected anything less when it concerns Katie McGarry. I can't wait to see Isaiah's book.. who broke me heart more than almost anyone. Hopefully he'll find the perfect girl for him.

Rating: 4.5/5