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Darkness Unmasked - Keri Arthur This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

This recently installment to Keri Arthur's Dark Angels saga is downright my favourite in the series thus far. We get a few answers to some lingering questions, but there was progression in terms of the romantic entanglement with Azriel.
But Risa herself gets caught up time and time again in another adventure.

Just when Risa was recovering from her latest near death experience, she is then called pretty much right away to deal with another important case, and this time it's Hunter's lover who has been found dead in a way that's even more gruesome than most murders.
Risa doesn't have much time to solve this, because if she doesn't, then not even Azriel's healing abilities can stop the wrath that would be coming for her.

The relationship between Risa and Azriel really heats up and comes to a head in this book. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. But par usual, things with Keri Arthur do not come easy, or at a cost. They may finally give in to all those feelings that's been underlying under the surface, but Azriel breaks all the rules he is bound to as a reaper for Risa, and everything he does comes at a massive cost. A cost that does not come to light until later on in the book, and it's something Risa herself will not be happy with.
The things you do for love.... hopefully Risa will come to forgive and understand eventually, but until then, things are not going to be easy.

Not to mention we have the return of Lucien, I always knew there was something off about him, and so did Azriel. It isn't until this book where his true colours get exposed and you see him for what he really is.
There was parts of this book where I was shocked. I couldn't see coming, but then I think back to previous ones and everything makes much sense.
Lucien reminds me of one of the characters from Riley's series. He makes some really bad decisions and those that affect Risa so very much. Decisions that will have consequences not only on herself, but also to Illiana, one of her best friends.

Everything changes in this installment. There is no going back to how something was before now. It's only dealing with what has happened and how to proceed forward from here on out.

It's only been two months since the release and I am aching for the next book. The wait until November is terrible and I wish it would hurry up because I need to know what happens next for these characters.

Rating: 5/5