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Belle Noir: Tales of Love and Magic - Ava Zavora I'd like to thank Ava for giving me this chance to review her book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a collection of short fairytale stories. I don't often read anthologies before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
I was pleasantly surprise at how unique these stories were. They gave you a general idea for different things, but Ava then took on her own twist to it.

These stories deal with many issues and aspects which also are personal and relate to real life. From heartbreak, family, with adding magic to the equation.

Each story has a different style and theme. With strong characters, great storyline and even romance to boot, this collection of stories is worthy to be up there with any other fantasy anthology that's currently out in the literary world.

If you like fairytales and fantasy, then this one is for you.

Review: 3.5/5