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The Goddess Inheritance  - Aimee Carter This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

It was so sad to see the end to this series. I admit, I've never expected to adore this series as much as I have. I was very unsure about the first book, but by the end of it, I was won over. While it did a little time in making my brain click on who was who in terms of the Gods and matching them with the characters, but by the second book, I was pretty up to date on that kind of thing.

Kate has had the most agonising, confusing and life-changing journey than any character I have ever read in a while. She is someone whose life has changed dramatically without her having any say in it. But it's also one she wouldn't change for a minute.
The connection she has formed with this new group of people she has come to love as her own family, she couldn't have anticipated before. But they are not connections she would have wished would disappear.

While Kate and Henry are clearly who the story is about, but characters such as James, Ava, Calliope etc are all people who play a major part in this story and you could not have wanted it any other way.
All of these lives are equally important; not only to Kate and her life, but also to the story at hand. Each play an important part, and have their own story.

This is the final conclusion to this trilogy, and we find Kate, having discovered she is pregnant with Henry's child, in captivity with Cronus and Calliope. Kate soon discovers just why they want her child, and what they plan on doing, not only to her and the child, but also the world. Kate will have to make a life-changing choice that will affect her in ways she could never have imagined. Having someone to choose between your child and the whole of humanity. When Cronus suddenly offers Kate a deal, she has no choice but to accept his terms, even though she doesn't have much choice in the matter....

Meanwhile, Henry and the gang soon hatch a plan, but will they get to Kate in time, or will time run out before they can save the day and everyone can get what they want? Will good win over evil, or will hell raise over humanity?

This was one hell of a end, and I loved every moment of it. While I loved this entire series, this may be the book that had the most action, the most dramatic and emotional impact. Over all, a great ending to this series.

Rating: 4.5/5