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The Elite - Kiera Cass This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

Everything begun with The Selection. America went from not wanting anything to do with it, to a point where she decided it was where she wanted to be.
The first book in this amazing trilogy introduced you to our beloved characters, plot and the world which Kiera created. It was the book in which I fell in love with this story. Not only for America & Maxon, but also because I knew there was trouble rumbling deep down in the rebellion. Not everyone is happy....

In The Elite, America finds herself competing, in the real sense for the affections of Maxon. But along with the competition, America finds out some interesting things about her country, how it was formed and how some change has to come into affect at some point.
Not everyone is happy about the way things are done. The fact this competition is even around. And those people start to become more of a threat than they were before.

What I loved about this book was that it got a bit more darker than the previous. More attacks. More rebellion. It also had more romantic moments, with more than one boy. But I think America had made her choice very early on... and even though some things have challenged that decision., there is no doubt it sticks and will continue to do so throughout the final book.
I know there are many people who didn't like some of the things, actions that took place... but when I actually thought about the reasons.. I understood why they did the things they did, and I forgave them. They are still... after all young people trying to understand the laws of nature and find their place in the world.

While the actions of both America and Maxon could sometimes get on your nerves, in the long run.. I don't think those problems will cause any affect.

There are some characters like Aspen and Celeste who got on my nerves. Celeste, well.. nobody likes her and she has always been on my last nerve since she was introduced...but Aspen, I felt was in the background and really didn't serve any purpose apart from being in this so-called triangle. Although, toward the end.. I did feel a bit of a hint that he might be able to move on.. with someone else *cough*.

WHY does THE ONE have to be a year away? Since Kiera just announced it won't be released until May 6th, 2014! Ahh.. well, she better give me plenty of AM stuff to tease me with until it comes out.

Review: 5/5