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The Girl with the Iron Touch - Kathryn Smith This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

And we are back into the fascinating mysteries of Finley Jayne and her friends.

The Girl with the Iron Touch is a thrilling, fascinating and addicting read. The story Kady Cross has created has enticed me from the very beginning. The beautiful world-building, historical setting and perfectly-matched characters only just adds to this historical steampunk series that will draw a single reader based on that fact alone.

In the third book in the gorgeous crafted world, we find our characters as they deal with individual issues and situations.
Finley has her hands full with her feelings for Griffin and for them to finally understand what is it between them. We also have the return of Jack Dandy, who comes and makes a difficult situation more complicated, but Finley will soon enough discover she had made her decision long ago but never realized it until now.
The sort of- triangle comes to a close as Finley does choose between the two men in her life.
There was so much progress for these two in this book. The moment they met in Book 1, I knew they were my OTP -- only they had to realize it.  During the course of this book, both Griffin and Finley finally come to that place where they are ready to be able to accept their feelings for one another, and I say that it's about time. 

This novel also deals with the relationship between Sam and Emily. These two have always felt something so strong for one another, but good luck in trying to get them to admit that.  But when Emily suddenly goes missing --- this may be the thing that will have Sam fight for her once and for all, once he rescues her, that is.

Kady Cross has written yet another beautiful addition to this series, and while all of our beloved characters seem to have found their HEA, I did hear a whisper that we might have one more book left to tell.. in the form of Jack Dandy. Now, I am sure just about everyone would look forward to hearing his story and maybe, a happy ending?

Rating:  4.5 /5