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Moth To The Flame - Joy Dettman This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

After the presumed death of her husband, Jim, Jenny gets taken in by Ray King who s determined to take care of Jenny and her kids. Ray is someone who disappeared from Woody Creek years ago but now has returned.

I wasn't a big fan of Ray especially with the way he treated Jenny. I think he might have meant well, but I think he was also quite insecure in knowing that Jenny didn't love him as he loved her.
Trouble soon arrives in the form of Jenny's biological father, Archie Foote who also happens to be the ex-husband to Gertrude and father to Amber. This revelation only makes the connection between Jenny, Amber and Gertrude even more confusing than it was originally.

While this wasn't as good as the others, it was nice story to see what was going on with the families of Woody Creek. The cliffhanger we are left with this book only makes you want to pick up the next book in this series.

A great series with amazing characterizations. Jenny's life has not gotten any better as she is dealt with one blow after another. Will she ever find happiness longer than a few months? Will the drama ever stop? Hopefully we'll know the answer to that question soon enough.

Rating: 3 out of 5