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Wind In The Wires - Joy Dettman This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

This is the first book that follows Jenny's daughters as main characters in this series. The two girls have grown up differently from one another. Cara was adopted out when she was born not fully knowing her birth parents.
Georgie has seen what marriage does to people and tells herself that she won't go down the same path that her mother did, but instead will take the road her grandmother did, surviving without a man.

Joy dettman does an amazing job with these characters and the new aspect she has brought along with this series. As the time speeds forward we get to see characters age and mature as they go through different aspects of life. Not only do we see where Jenny is, but how her relationship is with her children.
Cara grew up in Sydney and when she falls for a boy from her past, the identity of who he really is will shock her to the core. I know I was shocked and could not believe that had happened, or what I would do in a situation like that.

Georgie finds herself amongst the affections of Teddy and soon enough, the consequences of her actions seem a little too similar of her mother.

This is another great installment, though you can feel the series is slowly winding down. The shift in characters from Jenny, to her daughters gives you that feeling.

Georgie and Cara soon find their lives connecting as they meet for the first time, as Cara wants to get to know the family that she never got to know. But sometimes... the truth won't always be what you want to hear, or like.

This book contains one of the craziest cliffhanger endings I have read. Hearts will break and mouths will drop open in the final pages of this installment.

Can't wait to see how things will progress from this point on.