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Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #3 Demonica, #8) - Larissa Ione This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

In the third story in this enticing series, we follow the story of Thanatos, a sexy horseman of the apolcyapse.
During the last book, the story between Than and Regan had been foreshadowed and even started when Regan decided to 'take one for the team' and sleep with Than, not understanding the consequences of that very action. While for centuries Thanatos assumed his virginity was the seal he had been trying to protect from breaking, not knowing that it was not, and something else was.
This very act forces both of them to understand certain things, and suffer the consequences.

As we break into this novel, Regan finds herself pregnant after discovering that the child of Than would be the key to either saving the world, or damning it, and nobody knows which one is true until the child is born.
Soon enough, Thanatos discovers the truth and even though he wishes to kill her, he refuses to harm the baby. Family means everything to him, and he can't bring himself to harm her, or the baby.

The longer these two spent together, the more the baby begins to bond them together to a point where there is no return. With an upcoming battle up ahead thanks to Pestilence, they all will need to be prepared on the outcome of what is to come.

I really adored Thanatos and Regan's relationship. I did in the previous book too, but when this one is featured on them it made me love them even more. They are more a like than they think. They are also very different. Soon they begin to understand there are things about one another than they had no idea about.

This was a fantastic book. We also get to see what Pestilence has been up to, and also Reaver, who does something quite unexpected that nobody would see coming.
The end of the book makes you want to pick up the next one quick smart, and boy did I ever.

Larissa just seems to get better and better. I loved her Demonica series, and fell in this with these boys, and girl right away.

5 out of 5 stars