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It has been two weeks since Adam, Juliette and Kenji arrived at santuary. A place that does not agree with the re-establishment. Juliette soon begins training to make herself stronger, and while Adam is there, she doesn't get to spend much time with him since he is off doing things and keeping his own secrets. Those secrets are too heartbreaking with such consequences attached to them once the truth becomes revealed.

I fell in love with this story in Shatter Me, and the relationship between Adam and Juliette. This book does make my stance on Team Adam even stronger, but the things they have to deal with and overcome that has caused a rift between them.
There is one major point in this book that I was disappointed with. Warner. I really detested that Tahereh made him become a kind of potential love interest. I just do not think that was needed at all. I was perfectly fine with him being a villian, or a love to hate character. But even in this book, I feel he is just someone coming in between the main otp: Adam and Juliette. He is still too obsessive for my liking, and I just don't like that in guys. I may understand him a little more, but doesn't make me like him at all.
This does not need to be a triangle, okay, Tahereh? mmktnks

One of the things I did love about this was Kenji. While we didn't see a lot of him in Shatter Me, things changed and he is such a breath of fresh hair. Not only is he funny, but his friendship with Adam and Juliette is such a fun thing to see. He is flirty, but he currently isn't the settling down sort right now. I do wish he would find someone to love, but maybe he was hurt in the past?
I also adore Adam's little brother.

Things get revealed in this book that were speculated by fans before the release, and while it made me sense.. I wasn't sure if it would happen at all. There is much character progression during the course of this book. And I liked that Juliette became someone so strong and powerful that anyone that gets in her way should watch out. She is protective toward those she loves and cares about. She will also do anything to those that harm her, and she is sick of pretending that her ability is evil.

I really liked how the fight against the re-establishment started in this book, and I expect that to progress into the final book, coming out next year.

I have some hopes for the last book, which I hope come true... but you just never know with some unknown authors if you have no prior knowledge of any of their other work, and since this is Tahereh's first book series.. I can be a little worried at times.

4.5 / 5