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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead This review has also been posted via: The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

Oh wow! What is there not to say about this book?

I think that there is no question about it. This is the best book come in the Bloodlines series. It gave you so much that you wanted, and more. And even things you didn't realized you wanted until they were right in front of your face.

Richelle has continued to kick butt in terms of these gorgeous characters. The mysterious plots and the continued budding romance between Adrian and Sydney.
I won't talk about them yet. Let me get to the other stuff before the gushing begins, k?

There is so much character growth for both Adrian and Sydney. I do wish that we had more things happen between Eddie and Jill, but I'd imagine that will be something that will grow throughout the rest of the series.
Sydney goes through a lot of things during the course of this novel. From sorting out how she feels toward Adrian, and how she should proceed with that. Denial. Guilt. Terror and fear. All these things applied when it came to Sydney, because for her.... falling for someone, a Moroi no less goes against everything she was taught to believe in. But the more she starts to discover about 'her own' people, the more her defenses drop to a degree where she lets what she feels inside her heart.
She just might start to believe... it may not be wrong at all, but all so very right..

Sydney also battles her ability to do magic. This is something nobody, even herself can understand. Why is she the only Alchemist to be able to have this ability? Is it something to do with who she is? There are still questions surrounding this discovery. But in this book, Sydney starts to understand that part of herself and come to slowly accept it more than she has the last two books. I would say she goes a long way to understanding that it is now a part of her, so might as well denying it.

We also get to meet the all mysterious Marcus Finch. He is someone who was mentioned by Clarence and was someone of a figure in the previous book, but in The Indigo Spell, Sydney finally tracks him down and that is where she makes many realizations and discoveries that may change more of her perspective of everything she knows. She will start to see things a little bit different after meeting someone who has purposely gone against their code, and broken the spell that holds the glue that sticks who they are together.
I wasn't sure what to think of him. Many others I know thought he might be involved in some kind of love triangle with Sydney and Adrian, but I never thought such a thing. I assumed his role in her life would be a bit more complicated than that, and more so have to do with who she is as a person. His role in making her believe the impossible goes a long way to progress her as a character.

Now for the romance.  OH YES. Ladies and Gents. There is so much love. Romance in this book. It's so gushing and romantic and all sorts of words I could use to describe it.
The progression of the relationship between Adrian and Sydney is my favourite part of this series. The moment they started to have small comments and interactions in Vampire Academy, I had a feeling that he might end up being her love interest in the spinoff. I knew that Richelle would give him his happy ending at some point, especially given the way that series ended for him. And boy was I glad that Sydney is indeed the girl for him. She makes him better, more than Rose ever did. With Sydney, Adrian wants to be better and not just to impress her. No. For himself. He wants to better his life and make something out of the person he is today. Sydney is just the key that makes that happen by being in his life.
I loved all the moments between them. It only added up to the most perfect ending in terms of where they stand with one another at the end of the book. Confessions. Realizations. Honest feelings. It's all happening guys.. and I couldn't be happier.

The first time I read VA, I wasn't much of an Adrian fan because I was Team Dimitri and I just didn't want him to come in between my otp, and I had no idea how Richelle would end the series. Yes, I felt bad for him, but he, I have come to understand is such a complicated character that it would take awhile until he found the right girl for him.
He is someone who has grown since he was first introduced. He was originally a party boy, who liked the flirt and have fun... and that changed into wanting to be better for Rose. Of course we know what happened there, and I think for good reason. I think he had to experience certain things during that series for him to come to this part of his life where he was ready to meet someone like Sydney. To be ready to change. That had to be his own doing and not because of someone else. Because of him. So yes, Adrian has changed and it has been amazing to witness him doing so throughout this series, and even more so in this book.

As for the ending... while it wasn't the kind of cliffhanger that Shadow Kiss was... I admit, I was expecting something big to happen, and while it did, it was such a relief it was not the kind of heartbreaking kind of ending.
I do have a feeling the heartbreak will come within the next book, The Fiery Heart. Come on. This is Richelle we are talking about, who is known for her heartbreaks and not giving the OTP a happy ending half way through the series, and that is where we are at. Book 3. Which means they won't get their HEA until book 6. Whatever these two will go through in the next 3 books, won't be easy.. but it shall be rewarding, that is one thing I am sure of.

Bring on The Fiery Heart!