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The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

I have put reviewing this off for weeks so I can prepare my thoughts. This sure was a roller-coaster of a trilogy. It has its ups and downs. Twists and turns. Characters do things you don't expect or wish they didn't do, but all in all, it was a pretty good story set over three wonderful books.

Cynthia has done a marvelous job at these characters, the mythology and the setting of each of the three books.

In this conclusion, Clara finally comes face to face with everything she has been preparing for since the day she got her first vision. Everything has been building up to this point.
The decisions she makes, and the consequences could have the impact to change everything forever. Clara finds herself in Stanford, with Christian and Angela as they try to battle every-day life as normal teenagers into a new college. But they all know that at some point, something huge will happen, and that moment will be sooner than they may think.

I really enjoyed many aspects of this novel. From the moments between Clara and her brother, Jeffery, to the Clara and Christian scenes(were of course my favourite), to her friendship with Angela and moments between herself and her dad.
We do find ourselves fighting a battle, as each of their visions start to come to light, and end up being connected to one anothers in a way they never thought possible.

While I had my complaints... and let me rant for a little bit.

The ending....

I don't agree with. It seemed to come from out of nowhere, it's as if Boundless never existed. As if Christian never fell in love with Clara, as if her feelings for him didn't exist. It felt, Cynthia just changed the ending to something that would satisfy most fans, and didn't care what Christian fans felt about it. He really got jipped in this book. If the ending was planned all along... why even have Christian love her.. why not just have CC as best friends and that be it. He really got the short end of the stick and I don't think it is fair, especially with their last scene together.. I really want him to have the happiness that he so deserves, so I hope that at some point, Cynthia does decide to write a novella for him and give him the happy ending he should have had in this book.

Sure, Tucker does show up in this book.. I did felt it was out of place of everything we knew about him. But I guess the reasons doesn't matter, as long as it serves its purpose, eh?
Well, Tucker fans should be happy with how it ends for his character, even though I felt.. if everything was leading up to the ending... then he should have been included more in the plot and in the book, where to me.. it felt all of a sudden, and random.. But of course, I'll always feel different about this kind of thing to others.

I enjoyed Angela's story, even though I picked up on a few things. There was also some foreshadowing in terms of Angela and Christian. A little bit that I felt was nice for them that came into play in this book. We also got to understand him more, and learn more about his father, and who he is. Some have pretty much guessed this before now, but it was nice seeing some things confirmed.

I do think this series could have gone for one more book, but since it wasn't to be, I guess.. overall, this was a pretty good conclusion. I just don't feel the epilogue was needed at all. Some people get their happy ending.. and some, well, don't.

Sometimes, not all authors know how to write a proper triangle. Someone always seems to get the wrong end of the stick.

Verdict: 4/ 5