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Ever since Kylie arrived at Shadow Falls, she has wanted to know what exactly she is, and in this book she is still trying to work that out.
One thing she knows for sure is that she can see and communicate to the dead, she isn't sure why or what that has got to do with what she is, but it's something, right? And speaking of the dead ---- Kylie finds herself being haunted by a ghosts who insists that someone close to Kylie will end soon.
As if that's not morbid enough....

Kyle also hands her hands full of romantic prospects. Her old childhood friend, Lucas who she shared a kiss with and then left with his she-wolf packmate to a place unknown and has yet to be heard of since, but that doesn't stop from him invading her dreams... whether she is doing or, Lucas.. that is the question.
And then we have hot fae named Derek, who has made his feelings and intentions clear to her, but when Lucas returns from his time away, Derek and Kylie will need to figure out where she stands with the both of them.

I really liked the mystery surrounding the ghost and trying to figure out who was going to die. It's hard to communicate with some, many ghosts because not many of them remember everything about themselves, how they got to be where they were... less alone answers to questions that Kylie might have.

The relationship between Kyle and Derek heats up, and then becomes complicated. I totally understand why Derek does what he does, because he doesn't want to be the 2nd choice. He wants her to be sure that it is him that she wants to be with, and that can't happen until she figured out whatever feelings she may or may not have for Lucas.
I am firmly on Team Derek, and have been since the beginning. This book only made my stand on that very sold and clear.

Kylie seemed just as frustrated as I in not knowing what she was. I look forward in discovering just that is, and I am sure, whatever it is, it's different than anyone else.

Verdict: 4.5 / 5