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The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

In the first of a four-book saga comes a new world of the supernatural that will trace you, entice you and make you flip through page after page.
This is a romantic supernatural love story of not only about two young lovers destined not only just for each other, but also to change the world.

We meet our protagonist, Ethan Wate, is a sixteen year-old teenager living in a small town of Gatlin where everybody knows one another; parents, students and the like. It's not often that the people get treated to a newcomer, and when it does happen..it's as if Christmas morning has arrived.
It's quite rare when you discover a book series where you have a male protagonist. It may have become more so these days, but it was a nice surprise to discover a different change of pace. It supplies you with a different vibe to a book vs from a female protagonist.

Ethan's life changes quickly with the arrival of Lena Duchannes, the neice of the town's shut-in, who not only takes Ethan by surprise but he also discovers she happens to be the very girl he has been dreaming about for months.

Gatlin soon becomes a place where nobody will never forget. It's a place where the caster world becomes its full focus and Ethan, Lena nor anyone will be able see it as just Gatlin, a boring and ordinary town.
There are secrets that lie beneath and through the town, away from the human eye, and if you start to dig and find yourself in their world... well, you'll discover a whole new world you may not be ready for.

The relationship between Ethan and Lena was done beautifully, and so natural. It's certainly your ordinary love story, what these two have goes back longer than either one of them understand, not initially that is.
Two young teenagers that, even though their kinds aren't meant to co-exist and be together, there is something that is pulling them to a point where nothing else is an option. Love is a choice in which they have no control over.

We have some other fascinating characters including Ethan's best friend, Linc and Lena's wayward cousin, Ridley, and I have a feeling these two might have something, but good luck in trying to get them to admit it.

This is a crazy, action-filled adventure as we go through the past and discover that not everything as it seems, and there is more to it than anyone thinks.

Verdict: 5/5