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The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

This novella takes place not long after Deity, so reading that is a MUST before reading this, otherwise you will be confused like there is no tomorrow.
After the cliffhanger that was at the end of Deity, we are thrown back into the world, but this time we are in Aiden's POV, since Alex.. well, is a little busy right now. She probably wouldn't be the best to narrate this book under certain circumstances.

This story takes an interesting turn when the gang, including Leon, Marcus and Aiden have to decide what to do with Alex. They need to break her bond with Seth, and one thing will help with that, and one thing Alex always hated, but in this thing might be the only thing they can do. It's not an easy decision for Aiden to make, but for the girl that he loves... there isn't anything he wouldn't do to help her.. to break her bond with Seth before it kills her.

While this novella was short, it was interesting and gave us new developments. We also got to hear Aiden's POV of things, how he is dealing with things. It was so heartbreaking for him. and for me to see him this way.
I look forward to seeing how the next book will progress, given by the end... the bond between Alex and Seth did take a turn, and she managed to break it. Sometimes... love is the most powerful of all.
It's the key to breaking anything if it's strong enough.

Verdict: 5/5