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Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Posted @ my blog
The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

The conclusion to this thrilling saga ends with a bang, and with a satisfactory ending to which fans will enjoy.

Nora seems to be reborn in this book. She takes a mature approach and tries to become a leader, someone her new followers can look up to. But this is a task that won't be easy, even if she has help from Dante, who is teaching her to be who she should be.

A war is coming and everyone is preparing for what could be an end, one way or another. The lines are drawn, but Nora refuses to pick a side, even if she is leading the Nephilim. She is on their side because she feels it's what is right, given she is now one of them.. but then, her boyfriend is fallen, so she isn't exactly objective. She has to decide whether to follow her head, or her heart. To do what is right, or what she thinks she should do.

A big battle is upon them, and not everyone will make it out alive. The question is...will this big fight solve anything? What will be the outcome? Who will win? And if you win, will you also lose in some aspect?

There are new enemies, no allys and unexpected surprises that enfold them all as they go one step closer to freedom. Will Nora be able to deliver what she promised Hank she would do? Because if she doesn't... given the oath she tool, her and her mother's lives could be on the line, and that is one thing she cannot risk.

This was a great finale (no pun intended), with getting everything we wished. Answers, sometimes questions still hanging in the air, but mostly I felt I was happy with the outcome. Even if the battle lost some lives, some missed, and some not. But lost nonetheless.
Sad to see this series end, but I was satisfied especially in terms of Patch and Nora's happy ending. They sure deserved one, that is for sure after all they had been through to be together.

Looking forward to what Becca does next.

Verdict: 5/5