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Timeless - Michelle Madow Posted @ my blog
The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

In the conclusion to the romantic saga, Lizzie and Chelsea find themselves back to where it began if they want to try find a way to save Lizzie from certain death after having a curse accidently put on her.

After Chelsea was manipulated by an evil from the past, and having discovered the consequences to that, she and Elizabeth have to journey to the past to do what needs to be undone. To set things right the way they were meant to be.

From obstacles standing in their way, evil they could never have predicted and curses, the test of Drue and Lizzie's love for one another stands it's final challenge through the past, as the three of them try to put things right for them all.
This was a fantastic ending to a beautiful saga. Michelle did a great job with these three characters, as they journey through a dozen challenges they each faced in determining the course of true love. We might have hated Chelsea to begin with, but with this conclusion, you understand her side of the story and that in true spirit, she isn't to blame. She is mere just also a victim who was manipulated throughout history.

I really loved seeing them back in the past as that is where you get to understand them more clearly and see that things weren't as they had appeared to be.
That evil... might even be closer than they had imagined. And to overcome it, they will have to work together and show that true friendship and love does conquer all.