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Every Day - David Levithan Posted @ my blog
The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

Every Day is one of those rare books you come across where it just blows your mind. From the concept, to the actions and characters to the unique plot.
A is neither a guy nor girl. He is a soul that, each day wakes up in a different body. This was something that has been happening since the time he was born. Which was how long ago? Does that mean A is technically immortal since A never says in one body more than a day? I thought about this, trust me. I think it opens up a lot of questions with many possibilities in mind.

A goes day by day and tries not to get involved in that person's life because it could do more harm than good, and what would be the point? But A slips up, when he wakes up in the body of Justin, and then falls for his girlfriend.... the rules begin to change.
A begins to feel things that never happened before. Does things that A never did before, like saying things, and doing things in Justin's body that changes things in his life.
But what happens when A doesn't want to leave Rhiannon, Justin's girlfriend? What if she knew the truth.. would she run, or would she accept this is how things are?

And that, folks is where we have the delimma. I absolutely loved this book. I was so drawn to the story, to A and the relationship with Rhiannon. It seems so impossible. How could a relationship between them work? If there was a way for A to stay in one body.. then maybe it wouldn't be so difficult.
Man. It's so hard to refer to A, as just A.. I am so used to saying "He" or "She", but in this case A is neither, and both at the same time. It takes a little time grasping. Like if A is in a girl's body.. and sees Rhiannon, does that make A gay? and vice versa? Ha. I guess you have to look at it that A is just a soul, but somehow has its own feelings apart from the ones A felt within a specific body.

This is such a clever, magnificent, enticing and memerizing novel. I could not get enough of it. I admit, I had never read anything by David Levithan before, but had definitely heard about his work. After reading this, I definitely would love to read more of his stuff and what he would come up with next.

I would recommend this to everyone. No matter what you like or don't like.. I think this book would appeal to just about everyone. It is that creative. That addicting and imaginative.

This is a story that will stick with you so far past the last page. A novel that will be everlasting in your thoughts.