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A Witch in Winter - Ruth Warburton This review has been posted at The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

I was enchanted, spelled and captivated by this newest magical story.
We have a young teenager, Anna Winterson, who with her dad, moved to a small town named 'Winter', Ha. Coincidence, much? I doubt it.
After moving into their new house, Anna and some new friends she had recently made at school decide to have a sleepover where strange and bizarre things occur that will change Anna's life forever.

What does she do? Accidently activate her magical powers and cast a love spell on the guy she likes in school, Seth. The problem? He happens to have a girlfriend.
I have always loved teen witch mythology. Whether it has to do with books or television. There is just something about it that brings me back to my teenage years, and it gives off a 90's type vibe to it.

I really liked the relationship between Anna and Seth. Even though there was, complications. I do believe that spell or not, the feelings were real. It adds an interesting dynamic between them. A obstacle in which they have to overcome. How do they know what he is feeling is true, or caused from a spell. But in my experience, you can't force something, or in this case, cause a spell in which no feelings were there to begin with.

Anna was a great protagonist. Her feelings, fears and insecurities were normal for a girl who just moved to a new town without any friends and basically leaving everything she knew before behind. It's certainly a shock trying to fit in somewhere new. She goes through the natural order of things... not only as a teenager going through the motions of moving and starting a new life, but also of someone just discovering who and what she really is, what she might be descended from.

I look forward to getting and reading the second installment in this magical trilogy, to see how things progress between Anna and Seth, her friendships and also the whole mythology of her origin.