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Immortal City  - Scott Speer Posted also at my blog: The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

I had this book sitting on my shelf for months, and I decided to read it on the plane during my trip to the US.
I was so glad that I did, because this book? Definitely one of my favourites for 2012. I have always been a fan of this genre, involving angels for a while now, but this book was so awesome I may feel a need to gush about it for a few moments.

You have been warned....

In this book we have a couple of POV speaking. The two main characters for the most part: Maddie and Jackson (or 'jacks') and we get to know who they are, their lives and how they come to know one another.
Basically, Jackson and Maddie comes from two different worlds. Maddie -- human, and Jackson is an angel who has come of age and is in the middle of becoming a guardian. Which means he could be one of those special angels in which you can 'hire' for protection.

Angels have taken over the 'City of Angels', Aka Los Angeles. Quite ironic, huh? And of course, it's only those people with money who will be able to have their very own guardian angel. Who cares about anyone else. What makes one person's life more valuable than someone else? Money, that's what. It seems everything is about how much money someone has. What connections or what they can do for YOU. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that doesn't seem to be anything new from our world in which we live in. If you have money, that's it. Life is an oyster.
Maddie's life starts to change rapidly from a life-altering moment in which she meets Jackson Speed. She just has no idea it is him. I mean, she must be the only girl in the entire city that isn't fawning over the angels as everyone else seems to me. But to Maddie, she couldn't care less. And she makes a great case for it as well.
Jackson on the other-hand, has everything he could ever want. Money, girls, a new job prospect in doing something great. But he still feels like something is missing, that maybe his life is a little too perfect.
The moment he meets Maddie, and she has no idea who he is... I believe that is the moment when this story officially begun.
From what started out as two great characters turns into one great relationship that will make you swoon, sigh and hope for something like this to happen to you. I know I sure did. Can I buy a Jackson of my own? No? Darn.

Their relationship isn't all there is. No, we have an amazing plot. Maddie and Jackson soon discover that not everything is as it seems. There is a murder spree going on and the big question is whether they can be solved before Jackson or Maddie find themselves at the head of the revenge. When angels start to get killed (how the heck do you kill an angel? like seriously...) in a particular and specific row, it's only a question of who is doing this, and why.
We have lots of interesting things that happen in this book. Twists and turns, things you don't see coming and revelations that will make your head turn.
I was so mesmerized by the story that I didn't want it to end. Of course I am now anxiously awaiting book 2, which won't be released until 2013... but if you have considered checking out this book, I will double that and recommend that you order it, go to your nearest bookstore, or even get it from the library.
You will not be disappointed.

As for the characters...
Maddie -- She is such a great heroine for this book. She may look human, but inside, her heart is immortal. It's full of strong will. She is the sort of girl in which you will root for. The kind of character where you hope she gets everything she wants out of her life, because she has been through so much at such a young age in which nobody should have to endure.
Jackson -- He may appear spoiled, but deep down, there is a part of him that wants and needs something more than other what he has. If you had everything, what challenges would there be in life? What would you need to transpire to do? Life would seem a bit pointless, don't you think?
I loved Jackson. I loved hearing about him, his thoughts, life and what he wanted, or didn't want. I found him to be such an interesting and compelling character that I just wanted to read more about him. About his life, about his doubts and feelings. About his relationship with someone he knows he shouldn't be near, but finds himself unable to keep away.

Now let the swooning begin...

“You’re right,” Jacks said. “You’re not part of my world. You’re not one of those girls. And maybe that’s why.”
“Why what?”
“Why I can’t stop thinking about you.”
Maddy rolled her eyes. “Guys like you don’t say that to girls like me.”
“I’ve never said that to anyone, actually,” Jacks corrected. “In fact, I’ve never done anything like this before.” He let out a little laugh. “How am I doing?”