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The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

I'd say it was this book where a new ARC for this story started to form. With the tragic events that enfolded in the previous novel, Sky and Oliver find themselves on the run as they try to seek refuge and discover more about what her grandfather had told her about.
But after a year, they are both exhausted and time seems to be running out. There is only so much one person, or in this case, two can do until you run out of options.

After her past, which she thought she had put behind her, catches up to her in Paris, Sky suddenly realizes the truth of her own feelings, even if she denies them to herself. The thing about Sky is, when she commits to someone, that is how it will be. She won't or can't hurt someone on purpose, only of course if she feels it is in their best interests to do so, see Jack in 'Revelations'.
Mimi and Jack seem to be on two separate paths right now. While Jack is working with Charles in stopping the enemy, Mimi has joined the Venetators, and is being forced to work with Kingsley as they try to figure out who took and where Jordan, aka Sophia is, who was seemly kidnapped a year prior.

Bliss's Arc in this book is quite important, and it is one you don't see coming. I felt it was an interesting way to mix things up, as she discovers that she is on a bigger course of destiny, but for that to happen she has to make a personal sacrifice and do the one thing none of her past lives counterpart was able to fully accomplish.

This was actually the first book I really liked Mimi. Up until now she was just a jealous, petty and prissy rich girl who to me, stood in the way of Jack and Sky. LOL I felt having her own mature storyline by herself changed her a bit, and the relationship for forms with Kingsley is what really sets her apart. It makes her more interesting and relatable than what I thought beforehand.

This book takes us on a journey of personal sacrifice from each of the characters, as they explore what they want and need, and what they should do. Discovering that part of you that says.. Hell with this... I can make up my own mind on what I want, rather being told what to do.

Rating: 5 out of 5