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True love does not come easy, but that's all part of the journey of life...

In the third installment to the Blue Bloods series, comes another thrilling story that sets Bliss, Schuyler and Mimi on the beginning of separate paths in their lives.
With Schuyler dealing with the fallout of having to live with the Forces, Mimi is planning her bonding, while Bliss on the other hand has had more of a difficult turn of events.

When things take a turn for the worse in Rio, the Elders and Blue Bloods alike, including Schuyler go to help. But things in Rio don't turn out as they expected. Expect death, betrayal, love, passion, jealousy and accusations.
Schuyler's relationship with Jack takes an interesting turn, but she will have to wonder whether or not they truly belong together. Is it possible for Jack to break his bond with Mimi? Will they truly be able to get together and not having to hide their feelings for one another? It's a battle of the hearts, and one is bound to get broken.

Mimi and Bliss each have their own share of problems. With Mimi, its knowing that Jack doesn't love her like he does with Schuyler and trying to make him see that everything with her would never work out, and how he and Mimi are the ones that belong together.
Bliss, on the other hand is battling a demon inside her, she tries to help Dylan, who has been taken to a place to help him after being abused by the Silver Bloods, and when everything Rio hits the fan, Bliss will have nowhere to run. She might be running out of options, and if she can't stop what is destroying her on the inside, it might be too late for them all..

This book was action packed, especially during the stuff that happened at Rio. Turn of events that nobody will ever be able to forget. You can tell that the story is taking a new direction, not a bad one, but a different one. But that's the thing with stories, they don't always follow the same path that you might think they would. Things surprise you. Shock you. But in the end, its all about the journey that life takes these characters on.

My Rating: 5 out of 5