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Biting Cold - Chloe Neill Posted also at my blog: The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

Hands on deck. Prepare for a wild ride. .....

Throughout the series thus far, Merit has gone through her transformation into a vampire, to meeting and starting her on again-off again relationship with house Master, Ethan, dealing with trouble as it comes her way but never lets it get her down.

After Merit goes through the worst experience of her life and finally gets back Ethan, life couldn't be even more perfect ---- except on the part where they have to go track down her best(ex?) friend, Mallory after discovering that she is after something so dark and powerful, it could destroy the world. That is the last thing they want or need.

I really enjoyed this book. It was getting back its flair from the first few books of the series. The previous one wasn't as great as they had been, for obvious reasons, but Biting Cold, I felt was getting back to basics and everything was almost right in the world.
Ethan was surely getting back to his own self, which included being protective and also self conscious regarding their relationship. One step forward, two steps back. Yes, we have heard and played this game before. But hey, at least he is trying, right?
But I understood where he was coming from, even if it frustrated me at times, and Merit too. But I feel this was a journey for him and eventually he would understand that he doesn't need to protect her, she is badass enough to take care of herself.

I do love what progress they had in this book and how much page time was dedicated to their relationship. It was always on then backburner in previous books as she deals with other things.
But in this book, they only have each other for company as they deal with the Mallory situation, so it in turn gives them a reason to focus on each other, their issues and what needs to be solved between them.

There is also a few interesting discoveries along the way through Biting Cold. We discover who and what Tate really is, and his role in this world. And then we also find out what happens to their House after the events from Drink Deep.
Lets just say... the way this book ends, it makes you wonder how the story will be after something crucial happened toward the end. It sure is going to put things into perspective, and change certain things.

I loo forward toward the 7th book in this 10-book series, House Rules. The title, after having read Biting Cold, makes so much sense and feels very fitting to be the next arc in this series.

Rating -- 4.5 / 5