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Darkness Devours - Keri Arthur Posted also at my blog: The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

If there was one person Risa never expected to see again, it would be her ex, werewolf lover, Jak. He is also a investigator reporter, who once used her to gain information on her mother and then exploited it through any means possible.
Talk about a blast from the past. But in order for her to solve a case, she'll have to ask for his help, as there isn't many people who can do what he can and be unseen in the process.

Risa is also on a mission, she needs to complete a task for the Vampire Council, if she doesn't succeed, she could be dead. So this is a matter of life and death with an execution order hanging over her head. Her mission takes her to a place that involves blood whores and vampires. Risa is on the clock to find out who the killer is before it is too late.. for everyone involved.

Risa is such a strong, admirable and independant woman. She is also determined when she needs to be, and loyal to her friends. I absolutely love her friendship with her longtime friends, family and her unique relationship with sexy reaper, Azriel.
The little dance they have going on between one is full of pent up frustration and tension. Their species aren't meant to have anything together, but there is something so powerful between them that will not be denied any longer.

I had asked Keri after the released of book 2, whether or not we'll get something happening between Risa an Azriel at some point, and she said just wait for Darkness Devours. Boy was she right. The moment between these two... were so worth waiting for. The chemistry between them is electric and real. It's something that burns out through the pages of the book... makes you yearn for more.

This is a fantastic installment to Risa's series. A Riley Jensen spinoff, in which takes us through the life of Risa... a half werewolf and half Adhe. A unique breed, and an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.