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Masquerade - Melissa  de la Cruz Posted at my blog: The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

Masquerade is the 2nd book in Melissa's "Blue Bloods" series. I love re-reading this series, because it has so much history, and I love the way Melissa has invented this world they are in. I love the attention to detail she has about the Blue Bloods and the history of them.
In this installment, Sky and Oliver are in Venice trying to track down her MIA grandfather, Lawrence, who her grandmother said to find as he would know more about what she is seeking than anyone else.
Things don't go according to plan and they return empty handed, but she soon discovers that everything might not be lost as she might have thought.

Between coming into newfound powers, battling her feelings for Jack and trying to figure out the mystery on who the Silver Blood is hiding amongst them, Sky's life suddenly is full of surprises.
Mimi and Bliss on the other hand are battling other things differently. With Mimi, she still sees Sky has a threat toward her relationship with Jack, and will do anything to protect that. And Bliss on the other hand is battling something totally different and much darker than ever anticipated.

After the death/disappearance of her boyfriend, Bliss keeps having blackouts and disturbing nightmares of something or someone after her. A beast of some kind.
A new boy then enters the picture who changes everything. He is someone who claims to know her, but she doesn't remember a thing about him. Is he lying, or has her past memories yet to surface?

I begun to realize that while Jack's might have been attracted to Sky initially in the beginning because of Allegra (I am guessing she must have been black haired at some point, since she is blonde now), but he fell in love with her because of Sky, and who she is. It kind of reminds me a little of The Vampire Diaries a little bit, and the attraction Stefan had for Elena initially might have stemmed from Katherine, but that's totally Offtopic.
I did love the little interactions between them in this book. Its progress that's building up to something big, I can imagine. A story that's only just beginning.
Jack tries to stay away from her and tries to explain away his attraction for her, but the more he finds himself doing little things to be around her.
Jack, buddy. You have it bad.

There isn't much history about in this book from the past. It more deals with the potential the the Silver Bloods are back, and who could be harbouring one.
Sky's family problems, Mimi's jealousy and Bliss's dark and haunted dreams make for one amazing book.
This series just gets better and better.

Rating:: 5 out of 5