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A Corner of White - Jaclyn Moriarty The Book Twins | YA & Adult reviews

I would like to thank Pan Macmillan for giving me this chance to review this book. I admit, I never had heard of this author before, so I was going into this book blindsided and didn't know what to expect.
I was interested and intrigued by the plot that I was willing to give this a shot.
I was not disappointed, that is for sure.

The world that Jaclyn brings you into is breathtaking. Think about two sides of a world. One where you live in reality. Another... where there is a magical land full of possibilities.... something that sounds like from a book, or a movie. Nothing you ever thought or even dreamed would be real.
But guess what? It is.
In this book, we witness the impossible. Two people from different worlds find a way to connect and communicate to one another.

Madeline and Elliot are young teenagers who discover one another by accident. There is a corner in which there is a tear between both worlds. Not enough to walk through, but only enough to be able to send letters to one another. A form of communication that is prominent throughout the entire book, and my favourite part of the novel.
I love the way, even though they go on with their lives, they still have one another and their interesting friendship.

I found Jaclyn's writing interesting, yet compelling. I haven't read anything like this book in quite a while. Its very unique. The story-telling was amazing, with real characters with heartbreaking choices and decisions ahead of them.
While this is the first book in a series, I could see this being a stand alone as well, but I was glad to see there is more coming, because I can't wait to see what else is in store for Madeline and Elliot.
I have many hopes for these two and their unique friendship.

We follow their lives, as they battle different family things and friendships. Hardships and heartbreaks. But what keeps them in check in the connection they have with one another.
This is the story of Madeline and Elliot... and the crack in between their worlds.

Oh, and yes... different colours...that aren't what we might think they are.

Rating: 4 out of 5