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In the electric conclusion to Mercy's journey, she finds herself in the middle of an impossible situation.
Mercy has been through Hell and back, and just when the thought things were improving, they only seem to get even worse. Not just for her, for her love, Ryan who is only human and in a battle between good and evil, there is a chance at death occurring.

Mercy's journey between this series has not been an easy one. It has been confusing, frustrating, but also life changing full of revelations.
The shocks of the previous books are nothing compared to everything that transpires in this one. Not only do we find out who Mercy really is (But unfortunately we never did find out her true name, but I don't think its important in the long run), but there was discoveries about the EIGHT and Luc (Lucifer) and her role she played in Heaven and Hell.

The relationship between Mercy and Ryan has gone from strength to strength. It started in MERCY when they met and then only built over the next few books. The love he has for her was so powerful to be able to see through illusions and know who she is, even if she is even in another body.
In FURY, Mercy is finally able to explore her feelings for him, now she has her memories back and knows the truth about Luc. She no longer can feel guilty for something that she has a right to feel in the first place.
No matter who or what tries to come between them... they always stick together as they are each others lifeline. The very thing that gets them through everything.

Mercy herself grew as a person/angel throughout the series. She started off unsure of what was going on and scared. She transformed into this person who was no longer frightened or even feared the EIGHT or even Luc. Anger and Fury can change a person and make them into such a strong person that no matter what anyone tries to say... that is the one thing that can fuel a soul. That and love.

I really loved how everything came together in the end of this book. I had no idea how this series would even, or whether Ryan and Mercy would find some sort of happy ending which they so deserved. There was certainly a chance people could die, or things be done for the 'greater purpose.'.
I was happy with how it ended and the things that happened. It was definitely the perfect ending to an amazing series.

The Angel genre is quite popular these days and a lot of books tend to get the same feel to it. But not this series.
I love that Rebbecca has put her own spin on the genre and made it out to be something special. Such a talent, she is. The way she writes makes you believe in everything that is happening just as if you were there witnessing the very acts and actions that take place.

I will surely miss this series, but I look forward to what Rebecca has in store for her next project.

Rating: 5/5