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In the third book of the Iron Fey series, the stakes are turned up and things get as real as they can be. Meghan has to make a deadly choice, and it's one that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. The love between Meghan and Ash just gets deeper and deeper as this series goes on, and no matter what Ash will always be there to protect her.

In this book, Ash becomes her Knight, which is a vow to do anything for her, protect her and never leave her side. They are joined by her best friend Puck, as they go to battle the Iron King, as it's the only way for things to return to normal. It's definitely a do or die type of situation and they are all prepared for whatever outcome it might hold.

Puck. how anyone can not love this guy is beyond me. He is my far my favourite character from this series.. even in dire situations, he seems to find some way to put a grin on his face and makes you believe in the optimistic. I came to like and respect Ash. His battle with Puck is still an ongoing on, and you wonder whether it's going to end at some point.

Ash still has a dark past that he needs to come to grips with, and to let forgiveness in his heart to do so. Without it, he won't be able to properly move on... and that is something that might kill him eventually. I would say this book is definitely a game changer for the series. Something you never thought would happen, happened. There are definitely shocks and twists and surprises in store, and it's an action packed adventure you never want to leave.

You got to see more of Meghan's dad, the one who knows... not the Seelie King dad. And she has to make choices that is difficult for her to make, but sometimes you have to do what needs to be done... whether they are good or bad decisions.

The end was quite bittersweet, and I heard this was originally meant to be the end of the series, but Julie's editor convinced her to write another book to finish off the series with a happy ending rather than what happened in this one. The thing about happy endings... they aren't always reaslistic, so I think if she left it with this book.. it still would have been okay.

Rating: 5/5