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I would like to thank Ada for sending me this review copy. I am just sad that I took longer than expected to read it.

Just when you thought you had read them all, Revamped, comes a new, fresh and exciting vampire genre book that will blow you away.
In this world, vampires are out in the world and exist amongst humans. They compete in reality shows, in movies and televisions. They are basically - celebrities.

Dawn is one of the rare ones to be born a vampire rather than being made into one. That makes her special, but also sheltered. She has spent pretty much her whole life in the confines of the Scarlett House, being the only daughter of the vampire president. It's like the white house fore vampires, so I'd expect nothing less.
But Dawn has been itching to get a solo assignment for years, and her father finally gives her what she wants. An assignment that takes her to Angel Creek.. where she is expected to gather up the vampires there and make them into a team, but not everything is as easy as it sounds.

I loved Dawn. I felt she was very relatable. Its no wonder she wanted to get out and do something, one would feel suffocated after so long doing nothing but training and waiting for an opportunity to get out on her own.
We get introduced to a few newcomers, but major players who play a significant role in Dawn's time in this small town.
There is something strange going on, and being Dawn, she'll be damned if she doesn't get to the bottom of it.

She soon finds herself in the attention of two males. One sweet and attentive, and the other mysterious and broody. With different qualities about them that make them opposites of one another, but also appeal to a side of Dawn that makes them just as swoonworthy. But boys have never been something she is well versed in. Give her a fight, problems to solve --- anything. But this. She is quick with the snark and attitude, but when it comes to the opposite sex and emotional feelings, Dawn is sort of out of her own depth.

This was such a fun book. I read it pretty quickly, and I could not get enough. If you are a fan of this genre, sweet, sexy, charming AND mysterious, dark and enchanting guys... a great atmosphere, fun characters with witty lines. Then this is the book for you.

Rating:: 5/5