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In what would be one of the most anticipated and talked about upcoming books for 2012, the hype for this installment certainly delivered in spades. Given the end of City of Fallen Angels and that all so dreaded cliffhanger which Cassie left us on, it's easily understandable how you'd want to know what was going to happen next and how would Jace separate himself from Sebastian whose lifeforce has joined with his. Not an easy prediciment if you ask me.

There had been comments about City of Fallen Angels and how it wasn't up to par to what the series usually was in the first 3 books, and I have to agree. Some parts of the book weren't that interesting. But it wasn't like it was the worst book either. Sometimes not every book has to be perfect. It had its flaws and that's normal.
But come this installment and I felt things were back on track. I was glued to every single page like there was no tomorrow. There was exciting and thrilling events that I had to know what was going on, and what would happen next.

What I found was interesting was we got multiple POV's, but it was refreshing and nice to see. We got to see more of the relationship between Alec and Magnus. Got to understand how it wasn't all roses and flowers. They do have problems just like any other couple, and there was tears shed, that is for certain.
We also go to see the progressing relationships between Kyle/Maia, and Simon/Isabelle. And I think I need to make it clear right here. I don't know what part it happened, but somewhere during the course of this book Simon & Isabelle became my OTP for this series.
Don't get me wrong. I still love Jace and Clary, and even Alec and Magnus to death, but my God... Simon and Isabelle -- I don't know what it was about those two in this book, but there is no doubt that whatever it was pulled me in line and sinker.

There was quite a bit of character development and relationship building probably more so than in any other book, which was great to see.
People made mistakes. There was tears, heartbreak and reunions. I'd say it was almost perfect.

Sebastian... Ah, what can I say about him? I almost started to like him in the early stages of the book, but then his real motives were revealed and he did... things, and I was back to being disgusted with him for the remainder of it.
I just had hoped there was a small amount of good in him even just for the fact he was still the son of Jocelyn. But no, I was fooled. I had hoped that he could changed.

This was a fantastic way to bring the series back. I even had developed some theories based on appearances by Brother Zachariah. About who he is... you tell me your theories and I'll tell you mind. Maybe we might match up and have the same thoughts on this topic.
And I got to admit, I couldn't help but almost die during a particular scene that happened that involved a TID/Will & Tessa thing in this book where it involved two core TMI characters. You will understand what I mean -- I hope?

Cassandra Clare did an amazing job working on this novel. I am constantly amazed at the amount of research and world building she puts into this series, and also TID. It's the kind of thing that keeps you addicted book after book. Page after all. It's the kind of work I aspire to.
I applaud you, Cassie.

To end this review off, I am not happy that we have to now wait TWO YEARS for the final installment. Yes, we might get Clockwork Princess early next year, but then it's ANOTHER year for the final The Mortal Instruments installment. But I suppose, being the final books of each series that they take extra time and effort to making sure everything gets tied up in the end and to make sure it's the best work you could do for your characters and story.

Rating: 5/5