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This short story is more like a bridge between Remembrance and the final book, Timeless which will be released sometime this year. It's Chelsea's POV as she deals with the fact that her boyfriend left her for her best friend. Ouch. Yeah, I am sure some of us have been in her position one time or another.

In this story, Chelsea hates them both, but mostly Lizzie as Chelsea sees it as her best friend stealing the boy Lizzie knew she liked/loved. She wants revenge. Vengeance.
When Shannon comes to her out of nowhere and tells her that she must come with her to visit someone who will be able to give her what she wants.
Chelsea isn't into the paranormal or magical type stuff, but she decides that since she doesn't have anything to lose, why not?.

What she discovers is something she never expected to be told. Does she believe it? Not really, but she sure wants to.
Chelsea gets told that she too also shared a past life with Drew, and she'll do anything to get back the way it was, and the way it should be again. But at what cost?

I really loved this story of Chelsea's. I find that it's easy to relate to her in this. I felt bad and sorry for her and understood where she was coming from.
If that was me.. I don't know if I can say I would react the same way, but I certainly wouldn't want someone else to have the happiness and life that was mine, and should be again. Is that selfish? Sure, but come on.. it's a natural instinct.

I do believe that there are bits of the story we are missing, and will be left for the final book in this saga. The end of this story just makes you yearn for more and more, and then you realize... "Oh no, it's the end."
I would recommend this short stories to fans of Michelle Madow's Remembrance novel. If you loved that, then you would love this as well, as it gives you insight to Chelsea's thoughts and the reason she feels so betrayed by Lizzie, and rightfully so.