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Bloodrose (Nightshade #3) - Andrea Cremer This review has been posted at The Book Twins

In the thrilling conclusion to Andrea Cremer's 'Nightshade' trilogy where everything breaks loose. There are heartbreaking moments and swoonworthy scenes, but really its a ticking clock to the final countdown to where the battle begins and ends.

When this story picks up, it comes straight from the end of Wolfsbane where Calla goes to find Ren and to convince him to come back with her and to join them, for fear of what would happen to him and what the Keepers would do.
But once she does get him to come back with her that's when the story really starts. We find Calla playing with Ren and Shay's feelings, well okay, mostly Ren's. I think that's one of the things that pissed me off in this book. She knew who she had chosen, but yet she led him on because she didn't want to risk him leaving. I mean, come on. Can't you have trusted him and that he would have stayed?
The things Calla did in this book made no sense to me, and really Ren never stood a chance where Calla was concerned. If this was me.. I would have had Calla explore her feelings for both boys and given them both a f air chance at wining her heart, and then she could make a decision. But, it wasn't my book, and we just have to go on what Calla did do, even though I didn't agree with her choices.

Of course, as expected there was a big showdown between the keepers and the searchers, and it was a battle that was quite interesting and I enjoyed reading. This has been building up for three books now, and its one that involved blood and death.

There was unexpected relationships, which I found that I enjoyed and took my mind off Calla's stupidness and ignorance. We have Ethan and Sabine, who find themselves in a surprising relationship, which was interesting to read about given how Ethan feels about the guardians, and then we have Adne and Conner, which was actually kind of sweet. I had a feeling there was something there back in Wolfsbane, but it's not until this book that you get to see what really had been going on, and the feelings between the two of them.

There are surprising reveals. New discoveries and new found families.

The end.. although, I was highly shocked at what happens, but I guess in a way it does make a bit of sense. And it was sure an interesting way to end the series.

There was hints in this book about a spinoff, well actually more like a prequel, and I am actually quite looking forward to it.
Even though my Team didn't win in this series... It didn't make them even less amazing, and in another world would have been right.

Andrea Cremer is quite the author, and she is very good at world building and taking us into the world she creates with these characters, and although I sometime hate on some parts of this series, in the end.. it was different take on werewolves and one I would remember forever.

RATING :: 3/5