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Darkness Falls - Mia James In what feels like the long- awaited sequel to "By Midnight", Mia James comes back firing into the lives of April Dunne and her love, Gabriel.
Darkness Falls, opens up with April trying to deal with her father's death and the impending death of her boyfriend, Gabriel who she seem to have infected with Demon's Breath. Not only is she toxic to vampires, but she sets herself a task of finding a unique book that has the cure to cure him of the disease.

But things aren't as easy as she would have liked, as this certain book is nowhere to be found. But the question is, if and when she finds this book.. what then? Gabriel will be back to being a vampire, and which means they won't be able to kiss. Unless, he manages to find the Regent and kill him. Which is the one who supposely turned him into a vampire.

But both April and Gabriel will discover that not everything is black and white. There are no simple answers. April has been dealing with so much emotional turmoil, that when she attempts to have some fun.. that backfires on her as well.

Rating: 4 out of 5.