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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda This review has been posted at The Book Twins

Want to read a book about vampires? How about a dystopian world?
You're in for a treat, because this new book from Andrew Fukuda brings both of those things into one captivating and thrilling story.

The story starts off with a human, also known as a 'Heper' Gene and he describes the world he currently lives in and the fact for years he has done everything he could possibly do to be able to fit in with everyone else. And by "everyone else" I mean vampires.

They basically have taken over the world, and it's rare to find any Hepers left. They are pretty much extinct, and if they are found they are either killed for their blood which is intoxicating to vampires, or kept for THE HUNT, which is a big race, or hunt you might say in which the vampires would hunt down the hepers.
When Gene gets chosen to be one of the few to be a hunter he couldn't have been more shocked. "Stay under the radar," his father used to always tell him, because that way they would not take any notice of you and look too closely. And when they look too closely they can discover just what he really is, and that certainly is not one of them which he has led everyone to believe for as long as he can remember.

As he prepares for the hunt, in which they have four days to train and prepare for what they must do. He isn't alone as he thought he was. Gene soon discovers that he isn't the only human/heper out there, and once he realizes this... he will need to decide what he will do. Will he continue to play along and pretend he is one of the vampires, or will he embrace just what he really is and try to stop the hunt from happening?

A surprising romance, new discoveries and shocking revelations. This novel contains it all.

I was surprised just how good this book turned out to be. You get so many vampire and dystopian novels out in the world today, that you have to start to wonder whether there can be a unique story that you haven't heard before.  The answer is that there is, and this is a prime example of it.

While things started out slow in the beginning, but I knew a lot of books tend to be that way to be able to set up the plot and characters. 

Soon enough, this story came to life and it's impossible not to become hooked by it. Andrew makes you believe, and feel you are right there with Gene as he battles his emotional fears and revelations. He makes you live every moment with him as Gene travels through this journey.

I really liked the romance between Gene... and the girl whom he is in love with. I felt their history, and the chemistry between them.

Gene also makes new friends along the way in this story, and I feel by the end of the book he is a much stronger character than he was(not to say he wasn't) in the beginning.

I look forward to the next book, which seems so far away right now. I absolutely recommend this book to those who love vampires and a dystopian world.

I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me this opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating | 4 out of 5