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The Future of Us - Jay Asher,  Carolyn Mackler This review was also posted at Addicted to Words | YA and Adult review & More

It's 1996. Most teenagers don't even have internet, I certainly didn't back then. Facebook hasn't been invented or any other social networking websites. But when Josh and Emma, best friends... well, they were until a moment changed things between them, discover that Emma gets to try an AOL CD she got, they soon discover a shocking discovery.

When Emma logs onto this new thing that pops up on her screen called facebook, she discovers herself fifteen years into the future. She finds out who she is with, does she have kids, what kind of job she does. It's such a mind blowing experience for Emma to see that it's hard to even take it seriously.
But Emma soon learns a lesson about it's better not to think too much of the future, but rather let it happen in it's own way. You can't shape your own future how you want it to perfect standards, because everything you do will change how it's meant to end up.

Emma and Josh both learn vitial lessons as they trail down a lane in which they shouldn't have tampered with, but not only that, but they soon discover what they mean to each other and what exactly happened that changed their friendship.

This was an amazing book. Maybe it was because I remember when it was 1996 and I had a computer, but not the internet. I didn't even get the internet until I was 17, in my senior year of high school. There was no social networking back then.. I don't even think even myspace, but I am not sure.

This book makes you think about facebook in particular, and the kind of time and effort you put into it. How much you interact or what personal information you put on there.
It's definitely an eyeopener and It was an interesting topic for a story.

But seriously, who wants to know how their lives are going to turn out? The joy of it is experiencing those things for yourself.