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Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton This review was also posted at Addicted to Words | YA and Adult review & More

After the sudden death of her parents, Silla discovers that her dad was mixed up in something so unbelievable that not even her brother believes it.
The whole town believes he went crazy, killed his wife and then killed himself, but that wasn't the whole truth, or any of it.
When Silla discovers a letter, and a book about magic, she starts to wonder what her dad was really spending his time doing.
When she discovers she too can do magic, it's like a whole new world opens up to her, that is, until, she gets caught by newcomer Nick.

Nick whose dad and new wife just moved to town, stumbles upon Silla using blood and doing some incantations which sound a whole lot like magic.
But he seems to be more open to the idea that most would have, but he has a reason. He too has a past that he doesn't like to think about.

As the two start to fall in love they discover their pasts connect in more ways and goes a long way than they ever thought.
There is a danger in town... someone who wants to destroy them no matter what it takes, and they know they better watch out and catch this person before they end up dead themselves.

The premise of this book drew me to it, and while I did enjoy it.. I guess it wasn't what I was expecting. Not to say that's bad or anything, just surprised me.
The characters were likable, and I enjoyed their relationship from start to finish.
The magic angle was different to other magic books, and I liked that.

If you enjoy stories that are a bit darker especially if it involves magic, and a good romance to boot, then you are sure to enjoy this one.