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Moonsong - L.J. Smith This review was also posted at Addicted to Words | YA and Adult review & More

Wow. What a book this was.
Moonsong is the 2nd installment to 'The Hunters' trilogy written by a ghost writer whom not is LJ Smith.
While I thought Phantom was good, this book was so much better! Wow.. let me get into things.

I'm not gonna recap what happened, because there are so many spoilers in pretty much everything I would say.
So, instead I will state my thoughts::

Matt and Bonnie specifically have central plots in this book. You would figure Matt since he is on the cover, but I liked how his story connected everything, well mostly.. and he found himself deep within the whole mystery and plot.

Bonnie found herself a story of her own as she meets a new boy at college. Just when she starts to fall for him, she discovers he is hiding a deadly secret and one that she isn't sure how to deal with.
I found Bonnie starting to grow more and more. She said that in college she wanted to become someone others would look up to.. someone who would be mature and a leader. I felt there was some progress regarding that.

Meredith was becoming stronger with her hunter skills. She goes through some emotional things throughout the books, but I like that it made her stronger in the end.

Now the dreaded triangle. While I thought in the previous book it was starting to wear down, but I was wrong. It was back in full force.
But by the end of the book, Elena finally makes her choice. And there was a decision Elena had made early in the story that I admired.. I just wish it had stuck with a certain someone.
The three of these people went through a lot, Stefan and also Elena more so than Damon.
Stefan stood up to Elena. He took charge even if it killed me to read it.. and I liked it, from his character's POV.
But I felt there was a lot of Depth involving Stefan and little by little.. you come to understand him a bit more.

There was definitely a few shockers as well.
Some revelations involving Elena's parents and the past, and then there was the cliffhanger that was so shocking that only makes me so excited for the next book, and I think final book.