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Shift  - Jeri Smith-Ready This review was also posted at Addicted to Words | YA and Adult review & More

In this second installment, things really heat up. It's action packed with things getting revealed about the shift that changed everything, but also the love triangle between Aura and her two boys, Logan and Zachary.
The closer that Logan gets to being able to finally move on, the closer Aura and Zachary get.

I wasn't sure how I felt about this. While.. I like Zachary enough.. I just couldn't fully support their relationship while Logan was in the picture. Because you just don't not love someone when someone else enters the picture.

We did get to know Zachary alot more and also we dig deeper into his relationship with Aura and also his dad. It was nice to see and we got to see the feelings between the two of them are quite deep.
If there was no Logan.. I probably would be 100% behind these two, but everytime I try to smile and be happy.. Logan always comes to mind. It just doesn't seem fair that they can be happy and in love.. and he, is well.. dead.
I hope that he will find the peace and happiness he deserved in the afterlife. He achieved so much in his short life, but it was a good one.

Okay, lets forget about the triangle. This book was so much more than that. We got some answers to questions that we might have had in boom 1. We found out the history between her aunt, her mother and her father, and who exactly Aura's father really is. It's one that didn't come much of a surprise to me.. but it was also a sad story.

By the end of this book.. we do see light at the end of the tunnel for the characters, and I guess the end of the triangle. I, unfortunately don't think we'll see Logan again after he has moved on.
In my fantasy.. if I could change things around.. I would have it so that it was possible to bring ghosts back from the dead.. like the love between Aura and Logan would overcome all. I thought before In started to read this series.. that's where things would end up, and of course I was wrong..

But I still enjoy where things are going, even if it may not be my first choice.