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Legend - Marie Lu This review was also posted at Addicted to Words | YA and Adult review & More

Dystopian novels are all the rage, aren't they? This one is no exception as you get drawn into a world that is compelling and intriguing on it's own.
Marie Lu's story brings us to two young teenagers, June and Day whom come from two different worlds.
Day has been on the streets for five years since the age of ten, as he tries to survive and to find a cure for the plague that is stirring around the place and infecting his family.
He knows he can't let anyone in his family die -- not if he can help it, and so he does certain things which are necessary to get the job done.

Meet June. She scored the highest on her tests, got sent to the best university years before scheduled, and then at age 15 she is almost ready to graduate.
Then her brother is killed, and the known vigilante, Day is reported to be responsible for the murder.
After being recruited to the government, which she has been aiming for all along, she gets put in charge to hunt down this boy and get justice for taking away the one person.. her only family she had left.

But when both June and Day discover that not everything is as it seems, they are forced to work together to work out the truth.

Shocking admissions and discoveries. Intense encounters and a compelling storytelling makes this book a must read.

The world Marie Lu creates is so interesting and it must be since my brother told me he didn't think I was into this kind of thing.
The characters, and by that I mean June and Day were complex. And there was also villians, as there always are in the book.
There is quite a big mystery and some things surprised the heck out of me. If I said more that would be going into spoiler territory and I am trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

I recommend this book if you love Dystopia, a mystery with a touch of romance. I look forward to the next installment.