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For some reason I have been hesitant to read this book, but I recently got around to reading it and absolutely loved it.
Aimee Carter brings a new take to the greek gods and the mythology we have come to know and love.
The first book in this trilogy unfolds with Kate, 18 yrs old and has been looking after her dying mother for the past few years.
Her mother's dying wish was to go back to her home town so she can die in peace, and Kate can't say no to her, even if it means leaving New York.. her only home she has ever known.

When Kate starts at her new school in this small town, she meets a few new people who will make an impact on her whether she knows it or not.
When a tragedy occurs, Kate suddenly makes a deal with a guy not completing understanding what the deal she made was, less alone that she believed it. But when Kate has to choose between losing her mother, or saving her..at least to a point, in her mind she has no other choice.
Henry, the new guy whom she made this deal with claims to be Hades, the god of the underworld and in exchange for him helping her mother she must spent six months with him every year for the rest of the life.
Simple, right? Wrong. But, how bad could it be?

I haven't read a lot of books in this genre, and by that I mean that involve greek mythology and the gods. I believe the only other series I have read would be Percy Jackson. So I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting Aimee's take on this was. I didn't have a problem with her version of things, because I think it just makes it even more unique this way.
I did keep checking the back of the names of who was who so I can have it in my mind when I read certain parts with the characters.

I loved Kate and Henry. Their relationship changed slowly.. she might have hated him in the beginning for what he was making her do, but as she got to know him .. those feelings changed and started to develop into something more.
And while he does love her.. I'm not totally convinced that he is over his ex wife.

After I had finished the book .. I went back to the beginning and thought about it all.. everything made much more sense. I was planning on rating this 4 out of 5, but after everything that sunk in.. it was definitely a 5.

I look forward to the next book to see what happens next for Kate and Henry. While their love might be real.. I don't think it's far from easy. I'm sure there will be another complication thrown in their way to true happiness.