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I now can admit that I wish I had bought this book earlier than I did. I only got this a few months back, and read it more recently. It definitely exceeded my expectations that I originally had.

Onto the plot.
Winter Adams has not had the easiest of times lately; especially with the deaths of her parents. She lives with her older sister whom dropped out of college to look after her. Everything was going.. fine, at least until she met Blake.
While taking some photographs for the school newspaper, Winter spies this new guy, Blake Duchamp and can't help herself but stare at him.
So, really it gives you the idea he is drop dead gorgeous. In that case.. who can really blame her?
But then, something tragic happens..
Winter almost dies, but Blake manages to save her that day..

She will soon realize that that very incident will have an impact on the months to come, and possibly her entire life.
But from that day forward she can't help thinking of this new guy and wonder who he is and what he is doing in town.
The more she gets to know him.. the more attracted to him she becomes, but what she doesn't know is that Blake is hiding a dark secret that if she ever found out.. it could turn deadly.

There was a few twists and turns in this book that surprised me and threw me for a loop. I am now anticipating book 2 in this series, especially when it ends.. the way it ends. Gosh. We all hate cliffhangers, but in another sense.. we also love them because they make us excited to see what comes next in the story.

I loved both Winter and Blake. Their characters aren't perfect. They are both flawed and yet there is something deep inside them that yearns for something more than they have in their lives at the moment.
I think there has been something missing in Winters life ever since her parents died.. it's as if a peice of her as died with them, and it's only the appearance of Blake in her life that slowly she sees he fills that missing part of her heart. Of her soul.
Blake is a little more complicated and complex. It's hard to know what he wants, since he never puts himself above anyone else. He has a duty and he tends to stick by it. But sometimes.. like when it concerns Winter.. things don't go as he plans.

Of you love a good paranormal story with a twist, then you will enjoy this.