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In Leigh Fallon's debut book for 2011 comes a new trilogy based on mythology, romance and mystery to boot.
We start the story with Megan Rosenburg who ups and moves to Ireland with her dad after he had gotten a new job which he could not pass up.
When she meets dark and handsome Adam, she feels some sort of connection to him that she doesn't understand.

In this new town, Megan meets new friends and she actually starts to feel like this is where she belongs. Ever since she was a child she has always moved from one place to another and never was in one place long enough to settle down and make any connections with anyone. But with town.. looks like it could be the one. The one to change all of that.

Not only is her dad moving on with his life and finding some sort of happiness of his own, but Megan forms new friendships, and a new relationship that will change her life forever.
When she discovers the connection between her and Adam's families.. that it goes back generations and into something so tragic and mystical, she will start to see things in a different light.

I loved these characters. From Megan to Adam to his whole family. And then there is Caitlin, Megan's new best friend who she forms a connection with right away.
I loved the mythology that Leigh brought to this story, and it's something I hadn't read about before.
It's different. It's romantic. It's a complete mystery. It's also so enchanting that by the end of the book you just want more.