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This had been sitting on my e-reader (I recently bought a Kindle, since I didn't like my fancy one anymore) and so I thought it was time to read it.

The plot of the story was this...

Michele gets uprooted and moves to New York after a tragedy occurs. She has to leave everything she has ever known to go somewhere and live with relatives she has never met before, but yet.. she really doesn't have much of a choice.
She has always felt like she doesn't belong. There has been so many questions surrounding her family and the history that comes with that, and she starts to wonder whether she really knows the full truth of her family.

When Michele suddenly disappears and turns up in another century, but in the same place.. she starts to wonder what exactly had happened.. but the more times it happens.. she starts to discover information that is critical to who she is as a person and her family history, and then she knows that there is more to her life than she thought.
The people she meets.. one boy in particular.. isn't from her century, but he is whom she has been dreaming about since she can remember. She knows.. he is the one.. but how can a relationship work between the two of them if they come from two separate times?

This is a love story mixed in with a history and family. It will make you believe in true love and that it doesn't have to be found where you expect. Love can come in all shapes and forms. In the same time or not.. in dreams. In life, and death. There is no end.. only beginning and everlasting.

I really enjoyed this story.. and the relationship between Michele and Henry. It is romantic and real and so complex. I can't wait to see what book 2 brings us for them, as this book was left on a sort of cliffhanger that makes you wonder certain things.. and how certain things happened.

If you love a paranormal romance with a time travelling, historical edge to it, then you are sure to love this.