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In yet another Dystopian world novel, we find ourselves in Eve's world. A world where majority of the population has died from the plague 16 or so years ago, and those children that are left.. are left without parents, and so are sent to a special school. At least the girls are. The girls have the best education money could buy.. everything they could have want, but they grow up thinking certain things about the world they think they live in. But they don't really understand anything.. at all. What they know is false, or made up to scare them into fearing the outside world.

But on the night before Eve is meant to graduate her class and head off into what she thinks is the next step in her life.. she discovers something truly horrifying. She discovers what their true purpose is in this world, and there is only one thing she can do.

Running out into the world in search for a place where they can protect her.. for safety.. Eve comes across a boy.
And Eve has been taught to fear them, because all they do is manipulate and use you *laughs..well, part of me wants to say this isn't truly wrong* but she was never given the real story. The real truth.
But this boy isn't out to hurt her.. and to get to safety the two of them will have to join forces if they want to survive out there in the wild where anything can kill you..

Eve comes to learn the true meaning of listening to one's heart and the art of falling in love. But when she has to make a choice in saving her life, or going with her heart.. the choice may not be as easy as she might have thought.

This novel started off slow, and it took awhile for things to get moving.. but I enjoyed it a lot, and I have a feeling this is more like an introduction to the series, and I look forward to see what book 2 brings in this series.