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In what was one of the most anticipated books of the year, Ally Condie's second installment to her MATCHED trilogy comes out at full force.
The story picks up a few months after the end of Matched and Cassia is set on finding Ky, who is out in the middle of nowhere with all the other abberations.. basically to die. Nobody expects them to come back from this.. it's expected that they won't.

Along the way Cassia encounters some allies that helps her on her course to get to her destination.
Meanwhile, Ky and a few of his own allies have decided to escape to the only place he knows might have be their only hope.
The closer they find they are to each other, Ky is hiding a secret from Cassia that just might change what she might think of him.

Each chapter is an alternating chapters between Cassia and Ky. We get to see more of what Ky is thinking and what he had been through in the past, and while that was good and nice to discover I kept wanting more of Xander.
I was pretty nuetral in MATCHED in terms of Ky/Cassia, and Xander/Cassia, but by the time this book was done I had officially travelled over to Team Xander, even though I know it won't end in my favour.

The ending was quite interesting, and it does make me anxious for the final installment to see how this all ends.
Its a rebellion, and the question is.. will they will? And if so, at what cost?

Rating: 3 out of 5