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Wow. Oh Wow.
What a book.

Rebecca ups the anty in this latest installement to her Mercy series, when Mercy, who is now in the body of Russian spoilt model and paparazzi bound starlite Irina. She and Irina's servent/maid/helper Gia are in Milan for certain committments when Mercy recieves word that she will be taken away when the rest of the 8 get there. This tells Mercy that something is going down and soon. And somehow, she and Luc are involved in some way.

As Mercy gets in contact with Ryan, and she starts to unravel peices of her past, she'll start to wonder if the person she thought she knew, she loved in Luc is really him at all.
Be prepared for reveals, shocking twists and turns. Everything starts to come out into the open, as we start the countdown to the final confrontation of good VS Evil, and we see the pit of thr story that has brought Mercy to being who she is.

I thought I loved Exile, but Muse takes the spot as the current best book of the series so far. While, things did start off slow.. but as the plot begun to pick up and things begun to get revealed.. I was entralled by it.
We also see and feel more of the relationship between Mercy and Ryan, and also the relationship between Mercy and Luc also comes into play.
There are some realizations in terms of Luc that will make your head spin. Before this book I knew I didn't trust him, but I didn't know what it was about him that I didn't trust.
I had a feeling.. during the book about what he was, but when it actually got revealed.. I couldn't believe it, and yet.. it made perfect sense.

I love how much information came to light about why she was Exiled and how it happened. You think you know.. but you have no idea.

And of course, it wouldn't go without a cliffhanger, and that's exactly what we have. It's also making the wait even more unbareable.
June 2012. Come to me now.

Rating: 5 out of 5