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The Ripper - Julie Plec, L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson This review and more has been posted at my blog: Addicted to Words -- Book Reviews!

In this latest installment, we see Stefan Salvatore living just outside London, England twenty years from where we last left off in this series.
He is no longer feeding on humans. But he no longer feels guilt for those that he had killed. He is just trying to live a normal life -- inasmuch as he can.
But things don't go well, as you have it. On a trip to London, Stefan discovers that someone has been killing and torchuring girls. And it seems they have been killed by a vampire.

While he is there, Stefan notices the name Damon used when he was in New York, and realizes that he is in town. Of course, Damon seems to follow Stefan wherever he goes. I tend to think it's because even though he wants to torchure him for eternity, he just can't bare to be away from his little brother for very long.. that he wants be around someone that he has a connection to.

Remember those Jack the Ripper stories? Yep. It seems that's the era we are in currently. The murderer is being called this, as he rips through their bodies and torchures them for everyone to see.
At first, Stefan assumes Damon, but I knew not even Damon would be that stupid to have them so publically.
When the true person gets revealed, and then what then follows.. it surprises you that you didn't see this coming.
It seems Klaus isn't the only one who has something against the Salvatore brothers, but for whatever reason? Very good question..

I have a feeling that the next book will be picking up right away, since the end kinda indicates the story is not yet over..
Until Jan.

Rating: 4 out 5