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Darkness Rising (Dark Angels, Book 2) - Keri Arthur This review and more has been posted at my blog: Addicted to Words -- Book Reviews!

Aren't we getting spoiled? Two months within such a short amount of time. Now we have to wait until July 2012 for book 3.
Now in terms of the book. It was pretty good.

Starts off with Risa, who is trying to deal/comes to terms with her mother's death, and wants justice for that. But she has other things on her mind.
She still has hot as hell Reaper, Azriel following her around wherever she goes, but when Risa has a case where she just might need his help.. it would be too hard to refuse.
I swear, these two need to kiss before my head explodes. The fact that he couldn't realize he was jealous of her relationship with Lucian, is downright laughable. I suppose he doesn't reconize the emotion since he has never felt it, he doesn't.. or aren't meant to feel human emotions.

When she gets an offer that she can't refuse. Aka helping the leader of the vampire council out in exchange for revenge for her mother's death.. it's the only option she has. But this also comes with consequences: If she fails.. it means death. The stakes are high and there isn't a lot of time.

When she and others expect her to find the keys to the gates of hell, including her father who has suddenly popped back into her life she will have to be careful of who she trusts, and even whether the people in her life are telling her the truth or are just using her for a purpose.

There was quite a few twists and admissions in this book. It was quite a ride, and things are getting quite intense the futher this series goes along.
It may only be book 2, but feels like the story is so far advanced.

We get some guest appearances by some characters we know and love from Keri's previous series. We have Rhoan, Riley and Quinn who all pop up in the book quickly, but you soon to realize how some things have changed, and some things have stayed the same.

I'm quite looking forward to the next installment in this series, and see what adventures that Risa is getting herself up in.

Rating: 4 out of 5.