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I was so heartbroken at the end of Hard Bitten, that I couldn't imagine how Chloe planned or not on fixing that situation. I couldn't see a way around it myself, and wondered how Merit would deal with what happened.
As you would imagine, I had been anticipating this book since the end of the previous one.

After two months of grieving for Ethan, Merit is forced to go out and be pro-active when something terrible starts to happen to Chicago.
When one of the lakes just goes black she and members of the house know this can't be right. It's not just that either. Other events start to occur and so Merit turns to the most likliest of people. Tate. And then others, but something isn't completely right and she can't put her finger on the real culprit is.

When Merit keep having dreams of Ethan.. she just thought they were dreams, but when she discovers there is a hidden meaning to them.. she won't be the only one surprised.

Merit's pain in the beginning of the book was so real. So heartfelt. You could really feel how much he meant to her, and the worst thing is she never got to really tell or show him that. He was ripped away from her all too soon.

In other parts, Frank Cabot from the Cabot house has been assigned to check over things and to make sure the members of Cadogan House are behaving and obeying the laws and such.
This guy. I hated. The things he made them do.. The things he changed.
You could tell there was some other reason he was doing this other than what he was saying. But everyone gets what they deserved in the end. And the same goes for him.

I felt the first half of the book was slow.. filler is you will, but the 2nd half.. and especially the last few chapters were so enthralling I couldn't put it down.
I now know that everything that happened in the early parts of this book was only leading up to the conclusion toward the end.
You think you know who was behind the main mystery plot in this installment.. I thought I knew. But I was so wrong, and you really don't see this coming.

I guess the main thing I should say is: Chloe really did a number on us in the previous book.. and there was so many people hurt and angry. But when she said to trust her.. believe it.. because by the end of the book.. you just might be kissing her feet for what transpires.

The ending.. is of course a cliffhanger. And so we have to wait until August 2012 to see how the next installment pans out.
It should be interesting folks.

until next time.

Rating: 4 out of 5